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The invention is generally credited to Deryk Goodall in the 1980's (naturally like most modern inventions many can probably claim it).

The adopted standard for the Goodall valve is to have a 3.9mm diameter hole and I find standard Syrynges of the 100ml size ideal for refilling the plastic nozzel being a good push fit. 

Products In This Category:
. Generic Goodall

. Generic Goodall - £9.99

Choose your own thread and top design

:  at  £9.99  each

...More Information


Accucraft - £9.99

M10 x 1 thread and 6mm high Hex head

:  at  £9.99  each

...More Information


Aristo-Craft - £13.89

M12 x 1 thread

:  at  £13.89  each

...More Information

Roundhouse Cab

Roundhouse Cab - £9.99

5/16 x 32 ME thread and 4mm high Hex head

:  at  £9.99  each

...More Information

Roundhouse Dome

Roundhouse Dome - £10.99

3/8 x 24 UNF thread and sized and grooved for supplied O ring to hold dome in place

:  at  £10.99  each

...More Information

Roundhouse pre 1999

Roundhouse pre 1999 - £30.00

1/4 x 40 ME thread and extended

:  at  £30.00  each

...More Information

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